Terry Enright was twenty-eight years old when he was murdered in Belfast. A father of two young children and a devoted husband, Terry was also a dedicated youth worker who pursued and excelled in athletic and outdoor activities. Terry inspired those around him through his dedication, loyalty, tirelessness and good humour.

Born in 1969, Terry grew up in the Upper Springfield area of West Belfast. From an early age Terry got involved in different sport and leisure activities such as Boxing, Soccer, Gaelic football, Hurling and Irish Dancing. Terry seemed to have the energy and drive to excel at anything he put his mind to. He became a positive role model and an inspiration to all those young people he worked with. He never judged people from their past actions but recognised the potential that all young people possess. He championed the disadvantaged and marginalised, and worked with young people
regardless of where they came from or how they were viewed by society. He embodied the qualities of leadership and represented the best of what communities affected by conflict can
offer. Terry had many fine qualities - he was fearless and kind, creative and energetic, thoughtful and principled.

The Terry Enright Foundation was set up in April 2002 in his memory by family and friends. Its core aim was to celebrate his life through the pursuit of excellence in youth work and to nurture leadership amongst young people in the most disadvantaged communities in our society.

The Terry Enright Foundation

181 Donegall Street

Belfast BT 1 2FJ

Tel: 028 90312831

E-Mail: Tefoundation@hotmail.co.uk